Reading Schedules

Schedule information is displayed according to the selection made:

  • Timing points only (default) - displays only major stops that have been selected as timing points for a route. Timing points are provided to maintain schedule accuracy. Stops between timing points are estimated based on normal service conditions.
  • All stops - displays every stop in the direction selected for that route
  • Select stops - displays ONLY those stops that have been selected.

Stop information includes the stop number with major timing points appearing in bold. The stop numbers DO NOT appear on the actual bus stops, but are displayed here for reference and in support of the Next Bus tool.

Viewing the complete schedule may require scrolling up/down and left/right. Because of this, your Stop and Trip information can become lost in the viewable region of your browser. Mouse-over the times for a 'tool-tip' providing the Bus Stop location and the Trip destination shown on the front of the Bus.

Preview a print for each schedule using the "Print Options" utility. Your schedule will automatically adjust itself to fit within your selected page width (Letter or Landscape), and adjust to the number of required pages.

Printing schedules is only available when displaying "Timing points only" or "Select stops". If your browser is displaying "All stops", the schedule you print will adjust to "Timing points only".


All StarMetro transit buses are equipped to carry two wheelchairs and two bicycles.

Note: If two wheelchairs or two bicycles are on the bus already, you will need to wait for the next available scheduled bus.

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