Location Lookup

Location Lookup can be used to:

  • Locate the nearest transit stops in or around a location so that you can Plan a Trip going to or from this location
  • Determine the stop number to find the Next Bus at that stop

Enter one of the following:

  • an address, (e.g. 1400 Monroe St)
  • an intersection, (e.g. Monroe and 7, or Monroe @ 8)
  • a landmark, (e.g. Governors Square Mall)
A list of multiple matches will be returned if the request can be interpreted in more than one way. If so, choose the one you want and proceed.

You can also look up Landmarks by Categories. Click on "Landmarks by Category" and choose a category from the drop down list. A list of landmark options within the chosen category will display. Select one.

Note: Not ALL locations throughout the Tallahassee are included. If you are having problems with a specific location, please try entering it using the address.

Send your comments and suggestions to starmetro@talgov.com. We regularly record and review customer feedback, however we are not able to respond to each individual submission.


This Trip Planner service is best used with Internet Explorer (7, 8), Firefox (2.5, 3.0), Safari (5) and Chrome (9).